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Celts Committee


James Sellers


James never thought he'd play in a team sport ever again until he started playing wheelchair basketball around 2 years ago. During that time he has had some great experiences from winning in the first Welsh 3v3 tournament and trialing for the Welsh 3v3 team, to having his son become a national award winner. He describes it as a great pleasure to be the chairman of such a fantastic club. 

Club Coordinator/treasurer

Deb Bashford

mam profile photo.JPG

Deb is a 2x time national award winner and local award winner for her dedication to sport and coaching. She actively shares her story of disability and believes no one should suffer at the hands of disability the way she did. She has also played and currently plays in a variety of leagues across the UK. 


Secretary/technical lead for disability

Fran evans

fran profile photo.jpg

Fran is a 3x time national award winner and local award winner for her volunteering work within sport. She has played competitive wheelchair basketball for 5 years but is now taking a step back to focus more on coaching. She holds a degree in psychology and now works as an activities co-ordinator in a dementia care home.


Parent representative

Amanda Davies

Equity officer & coach

Helen morgan


One of two Drs of psychology within the club, impressive! Helen has a busy life between balancing work and family but always makes time for the club and its members.



Jess pugh


Since joining the club in 2014 Jess has felt like she has gained confidence, become a stronger person, developed her team work skills and made some great friendships. Outside of basketball she is a sergeant in the army cadets and is big into running. Within the past few years she has completed a variety of qualifications and is now a level 2 coach.

Member coordinator

Georgia pugh


Georgia joined the club in 2012 as a player but is now one of club's x5 level 2 coaches. She has a super brain when it comes to organisation of the wheelchairs. She works hard with preparing any future Wales hopefuls and is often a practice dummy for them!


Emily hampton


Emily started playing wheelchair basketball in 2011 when she joined Celts and has since made great friendships and developed team work skills through the sport. She is passionate about wheelchair maintenance and helping others. Outside of basketball she is an avid canicross runner where she participates with her beloved dogs.



Holly pugh


Holly joined Celts in 2013 and has since massively developed not only as a coach but as a person. She is a very enthusiastic coach who delivers really fun as well as developmental junior sessions. She is the club's top coach when it comes to working with schools and delivering sessions to the younger generation.



Rob the builder 



Rob loves chocolate but dislikes cucumbers and people who wear their hat backwards. Rob is a bit of a diva but he's essential to the club as he keeps the wheelchairs running smoothly. You'll always finding him tinkering with equipment, building new things or putting things back together.

The clubs caring mum

Sally hampton


Sally is a rare sight within the club but that's because she is always working behind the scenes to help things run smoothly. Our favourite table official, she always steps in when we need her.


welfare officer
dr ceri


Our second Dr of psychology within the club! Dr Ceri is always on hand to look after the club and its members.


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